• NBO Members in “New Variations in Basketry”
    Traditionally, baskets were multipurpose vessels made from available materials suited to their function. In more recent times, as borders were crossed and ideas exchanged, traditional patterns, styles, and materials came to be shared internationally by artists and designers. While still honoring their historically universal kinship, these contemporary pieces have transitioned from solely functional containers into objects reflecting individual artistic expression. The twenty-one artists chosen for this exhibition have created exemplary objects that use both traditional and experimental materials, with much attention paid to color, texture, form, and craftsmanship. NBO members featured in the exhibition are Jackie Abrams,  Dona Anderson, Pamela Becker, Lanny Bergner,  John Garrett,  Gyongy Laky, Elizabeth Whyte Schulze, Deborah Smith , Matt Tommey, and Jennifer Zurick. More information at Snyderman-Works Galleries Image shown: Lanny Bergner, Fusion Vessel, Stainless steel mesh, wire, silicone, H16″ x W14″ x D14″, 2013 ... read more
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  • Color Series: Shocking Purple Shag
    Yes….  I know….  Shag has many meanings and I purposefully used it to see where it would land us with keyword searches. Looking for the steamier side of life? You’re in the wrong place! We’re looking at color here and in this post, some shag carpeting that has some shock value. A Facebook friend posted a link to this house for sale in Hillingdon, Middlesex in the UK. From the outside, a beautiful, large, normal-looking house: As you can tell from the featured image, walk inside and WOWZERS! Elvis hideout! Or, as a friend said, “Prince has been here…”  What really got me was the bathroom: This is where the purple shag comes in…..  Furry porcelain just does not seem right in my book of sensibilities. There is much more on the site so make sure and go look at the rest of the pics!  Another friend once told me about a friend ... read more
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  • Decorating with Handmade Pillows
    Featured at the top: Hot Moon Collection We ran a “Decorating with Textiles Series” on TAFA’s blog which has been super fun! It’s so interesting to see how each person personalized space by choice of wall colors, furniture, objects, and function, all softened and enhanced by their choice textiles. Pillows, especially, can change the mood or look of a space very quickly. Decorating with handmade pillows has several benefits and a few challenges. Benefits: Easy to clean: Pillows come in many sizes and shapes, but if they are removable and of standard sizes, they can be changed and cleaned easily (unless the work is delicate). I have dogs and I love it that I can throw my pillow covers in the wash whenever they start picking up doggy signs. I have everyday pillow covers that can take a lot of abuse and then nice ones that I use when I have guests. Affordable art: A pillow cover can ... read more
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  • Danielle Bodine in “Making Marks”
    NBO member Danielle Bodine has been invited to exhibit her work in the “Making Marks” exhibition at Wayne Art Center. The show, curated by Mi-Kyoung Lee, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Fibers and Textile Studies at The University of Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, features the work of fiber and textile artists who have been working on various method and processes in this medium to express their inner voice. The exhibition opens December 2, 2016 and runs through January 28, 2017 Shown: Detail from Red Dot Galaxy – wall installation 50” H X 60” W X 9”  (35 dots) Coiled waxed linen dots varying in size from 1” – 5” – installed on wall with 7” lapel pins. Some embellished with plastic tubes, beads, vintage pistils, hair brush tines. Photo Credit: Michael Stadler ... read more
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  • Contemporary Basketry: Wings
    Uplifting work by Trevor Leat and others – we have wings,  this week on Carol Eckert’s “Contemporary Basketry” blog. ... read more
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  • Steel Goat Studio Celebrates the Day of the Dead
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] By Debra Boudreau of Steel Goat Studio The purpose of the Dia de los Muertos is to honor and celebrate your significant departed and to help you remember and appreciate their life. Decorating an altar (ofrenda in Spanish) with the dead’s former possessions and with objects that symbolize things they valued, found meaningful, and brought joy to their lives.   Day of the Dead Altar, Mexican Folk Art   Mexicans believe that during the Day of the Dead, the spirits of the dead will return to earth to visit and celebrate with their families. It’s a long hard journey from the afterlife back to earth, so traditional Dia de los Muertos altars include nourishment and refreshments for the returning souls. These items are called “offerings”.   Steel Goat Studio Day of the Dead Guardians   Living in California and travelling often into Mexico, I have experienced such jubilation and positive energy from participating in this meaningful yearly event. My personal ... read more
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  • The Handmade Hat- History and Style
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Humans have worn hats or some kind of head gear throughout the ages. Aside from the obvious function of protection from the elements or other dangers, they have been used to show status, provenance, and identity. The wide variety of techniques used and creativity expressed make them a fun collectible. But, whether vintage or new, hats have been made to be worn. And, at times in history, multitudes had them as a part of their daily attire. Today, some groups continue to use them, but most of us enjoy the freedom to choose what fits our personalities, choosing individual expression. Enjoy some historical and contemporary images of groups with hats: Until the late 1800’s, even mass produced hats demanded specialized hand labor to make top quality hats. Felt, straw, fabric and other materials were shaped, pressed, and woven into the forms that might have other decorations added on. Atherstone. Hatton’s hat ... read more
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  • Worlds of Weaving- from Scotland to the United States and on to Guatemala
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have a nice representation of weaving techniques and products on Artizan Made, both new and old. When humans figured out how to bind grasses and threads to each other by weaving them, they hit on a game changer that allowed them to shape their world, making it more comfortable and meaningful. Very few tools are needed for basic weaving, but even the simplest forms can show off tremendous skills in design and function. Then, with the development of looms that aid in complex designs, mastery involves years of learning, practice and technical knowledge. In communities where weaving remains a part of the social fabric, such as Guatemala, these skills are often handed down from parent to child. Those of us living in places where handwork is no longer a common practice seek out guilds and peers who can teach the skills. Part of the challenge all weaving communities face lies in documenting and preserving techniques and patterns that disappear ... read more
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  • SAQA Featured Artist: Lenore Crawford
    Lenore Crawford Lenore Crawford – Midland, Michigan, USA Artist Statement After working in a hospital lab and then chemical research for many years, I wanted to pursue my passion for art as a full-time endeavor. I have worked in many different media including pen and ink, acrylics, wood, and others and became intrigued with fabric as a medium. Over the years my art quilting techniques have developed and grown. Now using fabric, along with fabric painting and thread painting on fused fabrics, has allowed me to interpret my love of France, its architecture, and flower gardens in a sort of “fabric painting.” I am able to create landscapes with dramatic color, texture, and warmth that was not possible simply with paint. My technique also allows me to add fine detail, depth through light and shadow, and texture to my fiber art. The finished art quilts are my interpretation of places to escape to and dream about. ... read more
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  • Museum Day Live! This Saturday
    Here in the United States, Saturday is a wonderful opportunity for art and history lovers of all kinds to explore a new museum… free! Hosted by Smithsonian Magazine, there are hundreds of participating museums across the US. One can search by state, zip code, keyword, museum name, or from a map view. Such an easy and affordable way to find your next favorite museum! Each museum is providing free admission for two. Tickets are selected then an emailed download link is delivered right away. Make sure you check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive in a fairly quick manner. Get out and view some art this weekend! (Speaking of artwork, the 2016 SAQA Benefit Auction is in full swing! Start or expand a collection choosing from gorgeous, original art quilts made by 437 of our talented members! Check it out!) ... read more
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  • Workshop series – Seeds and the Hidden Life of Plants
    The seed is a tiny yet powerful symbol of the life force, our own creativity and the power of small   “Seeds and the Hidden Life of Plants” is a project which includes a series of workshops in my studio beginning on October 21st, 2016 to explore ideas around seed diversity and the hidden potential […] ... read more
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  • Susan Lenz: Precious Textiles
    Click image to enlarge. SAQA: We heard that your evocative art quilt donation, “Blessed Sleep II,” was originally created for a very specific purpose. Can you tell us about it? LENZ: It was one of the “step outs” created for last summer’s filming of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. It’s not everyone who can show up to a television taping with their own cemetery tombstone and make a rubbing with such celebrities! It was quite an honor. SAQA: Your artwork feels quite dimensional. Is this common in your work? LENZ: My grave rubbing art quilts generally incorporate vintage household linens and snippets of crochet and lace. I like to add plenty of hand stitching in order to emphasis the textures of the various elements. This piece also includes a few beads and the entire edge is trimmed in assorted vintage buttons. They really add to the dimensional feel. SAQA: Often your artwork employs re-purposed materials. ... read more
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  • The Improvisation of Rasa Mauragis
    Click image to enlarge. SAQA: “Improvisation: Lost in the Mist,” your donated art quilt, conveys a sense of other-worldliness while being simultaneously grounding. Is this artwork based on a specific place? MAURAGIS: My piece “Improvisation: Lost in the Mist” whilst not specifically referencing a specific place I think sub consciously draws on my background of living between two cultures. I am not referring here to cultural differences but the juxtaposition of living within different ecological environments. E.g. I see reference to eucalypts or reference to birches at the same time. One is indigenous to one environment the other to another environment. I could see this emerging as I was working on the piece. SAQA: The palette for this art quilt is quite natural and subdued. Do you tend to work in one palette more than others? MAURAGIS: Currently I am totally seduced by the magic of working with local plants and this has translated into my work since ... read more
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  • 2016 SAQA Benefit Auction Blog Round Up
    Many of the artists who donate the wonderful art quilts for the SAQA Benefit Auction blog about the creation of the work. Grab a beverage of your choice and click through for a heaping dose of inspiration! More artist mini-interviews will be added as each auction section approaches. Be sure to subscribe to the SAQA blog from the link at the left so you don’t miss any news or interviews! The auction begins at 2 pm on September 16 with Diamond Day bidding! Click here to learn how the auction works and here to see all the fabulous benefit auction artwork! (If you blogged about your donated artwork and don’t see your link below, email social@saqa.com to be added.) Oceania Collection blog hop Terry Aske Sharon Buck Gerrie Congdon and here Julia Graber Cindy Grisdela Jenny K. Lyon Bobbe Shapiro Nolan Wen Redmond Sue Reno Nanette S. Zeller and here ... read more
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  • Siemon and Salazar
    Glass artists Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar reflect on their balanced business strategy. ... read more
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  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Olympia, Washington
    At about 50,000 residents, Olympia, Washington, supports an outsize arts scene. ... read more
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  • The Week in Craft: July 12, 2016
    MoMA and Black Lives Matter, Game of Thrones-inspired jewelry, and more ... read more
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  • What Are the Unexpected Benefits of Teamwork?
    Readers share their answers ... read more
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  • The Storyteller
    Since escaping from Vietnam in 1978, Binh Pho has been drawn to recount his life events – and has found, paradoxically, that the personal is often best expressed in partnership with others. ... read more
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