Are you interested in joining TAFA? We are a business community of fiber artists and textile businesses. 

The TAFA List membership showcases businesses that belong to fiber artists and crafters, development projects, cooperatives, online shops, wholesalers, designers, galleries, museums, organizations, writers, publishers, and collectors. TAFA brings all of these different groups together in an illustrated database. (See The List for our current membership)

  • Step 1: Read the guidelines on the Membership Page.
  • Step 2: Submit your links as outlined there.
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Please note: The membership fee is a one-time deal. There are no renewals. Members who choose to support TAFA financially do so through ads and by purchasing other services to promote themselves on the site. Reasons for rejection usually happen due to immature product development (keep working at it!), poor photography, or poor presentation on the web.

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