The List

Welcome to our TAFA Member List! The first two images link to the member's profile page and the last four link to the product pages represented. Enjoy!

5 Cents
Textile design for home decor
Vintage textiles and beads from Central Asia.
Textiles in Support of women in Africa
Bringing fabric to life
Chicago artist inspired by the enormous energy of Nature.
Continuous Thoughtful Designs
Contemporary carpet and tapestry design in Morocco.
Scarves that tell a story
Art dolls with a soul
Artful Living with Artisan Woven Textiles in Simple, Sophisticated Patterns, Colors & Textures Designed for Home Decor & Personal Fashion.
Bring the wonders of our village into your home
Unforgettable art quilts
hand-dyed, handwoven textiles
unique wearable art
Experience your innate creative spirit. Learn, "make" and love.
OM for your home
Art Works Wonders
MeggaYarnz ArtToWear OOAK Winter Hats, Original Design Made in Australia ... Ideally Suited to the Colder Winters of the Northern Hemisphere
Weaving Color Into Your World
Wearable art made in Brooklyn, NYC
You worry about your business. I'll worry about making it look good.
Handwoven and Knitted Textiles Inspired by Nature
Contemporary Art Quilts With a Unique` Perspective
Nature and Abstract Art Quilts
Sharing the common language of craft
Bringing Wool to Life
Contemporary art quilts inspired by nature.
Mixed media artist.
Fine art in fiber.
Hand woven & Printed Textiles
Art for Living
Original Screen Printed Designs
High quality, vibrant natural dyes and supplies.
Africa beyond Africa
Eco Conscious Wearable Art from Repurposed Clothing
The business of internationally recognized quilt artist Caryl Bryer Fallert.
Giving peace and tranquility through art quilts.
Where the glitter gets spilled and the fabric bolts!
Creating one of a kind fabric art.
Making Order Out of Chaos
Textile Art and Mixed Media
Hand painted silk clothing and accessories.
Where creativity lives!
Unique Art Quilts for the Wall
Tips about creating beautiful quilt art
Homegrown and Handmade Fibre Art
Vintage Textiles from India and Handmade Bags.
Handcrafted porcelain collectibles with personality and charm.
Creating environments that inspire creativity in all who care to dip their fingers in the Color Creek experience.
Environmentally friendly textile pigment system and printed fabrics by Gunnel Hag
Natural Designer Yarn and other arty pursuits
shibori : surface design: quilted art cloth
Custom-designed and hand-woven tapestries.
Art with Impact
Southern Fried Fiber Art!
Fibre and Mixed Media Artist
If it's in Ghana,we can do it!
"Feel the Fabric...Embrace the Culture"
Distinctive Textile Art Works
Create, Integrate... Transform!
Reasonably priced, high-quality yarn that helps women in India and Nepal support their families and gets rid of waste
Create Beauty Everyday
The Journey Is The Destiny
Fiber & Encaustic
fiber artist and teacher