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Exploring imagery in shibori and indigo dyeing is my main focus. I work with silk, cotton, linen and rayon principally and enjoy the simple forms of a scarf or furoshiki. Japan is a strong influence, as my formative years were spent in Kagoshima in southern Kyushu.



An early immersion in a culture and time where daily work and creating was “by hand” only, made a deep impression in my formative years. I not only developed a work ethic, but also a desire to be a “maker.” Exploring indigo and shibori is where I find authenticity.

Currently, I work in my home studio, teach workshops in Raleigh and other various locations in North Carolina. I sell my pieces on Etsy and also do custom work. Recently I dyed jeans for a local jeans company, Raleigh Denim, where they sold at Barney’s in New York.


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    Beautiful work, Susan! That top shibori piece is quite mesmerizing.

    • Susan Fennell

      Thank you! Apologies for my tardy reply…the rabbit & moon motif is a favorite.

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