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TAFA is a web-based paid membership organization of fiber artists and textile businesses. It is a business community of entrepreneurs rooted in textile and fiber art products and traditions. TAFA unites old and new techniques, embracing their historical and modern importance, giving a shared platform to both contemporary and traditional textile techniques from all cultures.

Our TAFA membership showcases businesses that belong to fiber artists and crafters, development projects, cooperatives, online shops, wholesalers, designers, galleries, museums, organizations, writers, publishers, and collectors.  TAFA brings all of these groups together into an illustrated database, serving as a central location to refer our audience back to our member sites.  

The TAFA List appeals to retailers and galleries looking for new product, to wholesalers or artists looking for new buyers or shows, to bloggers looking for inspiration and so on. See our Membership Page for more information on our membership criteria.  As members are vetted in, based on the quality of their product and their professionalism, TAFA's aesthetic pleases the eye and inspires the soul!

Our mission has a business focus, a much needed niche within the textile and fiber art community. Our members use this website and major social media hubs to network, exchange information, and grow as artists and businesses.  (See our Hubs page for where we are.)  These hubs have been extremely valuable, relieving members from having to "be everywhere" and helping them keep up with the pace of a fast changing global marketplace.

The ideal sponsor shares this same commitment to excellence, quality of product, sustainability and support of the handmade movement.



Sponsors Keep TAFA Tickin'!

Our funding strategy relies heavily on Sponsor Ads, both from members and non-members. Sponsors support TAFA's growth, programs and staff.  Your ads will target an attentive audience of art professionals, small business owners, and shoppers interested in supporting the handmade movement.  Here is a snapshot of our TAFA audience from data collected between May-July 2012:

  • 80% are women over 40 years old.
  • They are well-traveled, educated, and creative.
  • 50% live in the United States.  Top five visiting countries after the US are Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India and France.
  • Average time on the site is 4 minutes with 18% spending more than half an hour.
  • Over 75% shop for books, electronics and supplies online.  50% shop for clothing, gifts, and handmade items regularly online.
  • 35% of our visitors come through Google searches and another 30% come through our hubs, with Facebook as our largest community.

We will continue to profile our market as the site grows.  


Social Media Hubs and Members

TAFA was launched on a Blogger platform in January of 2010. We quickly outgrew that platform and spent a year and a half in designing this site which launched in January of 2012.  The first six months were spent in developing content on the site, while growing our hubs.  Our Facebook fan page is our largest community with close to 3,000 likes by July 2012.  Our LinkedIn hub (about 500 members) enjoys good activity, welcoming non-members who may post about their businesses, projects and art.  We also have a significant presence on Etsy.  Half of our members have shops there with over 2,500 member products listed: TAFA on Etsy

As we approach the Holiday Season for 2012, our marketing efforts will focus on bringing new audiences through these hubs to this site, benefitting both our members and sponsors.

As of November, 2013, TAFA has 520 members from 44 countries, each contributing to our product mix with their unique specialty.  Our common interest in textiles and fiber art brings together an audience that might normally only mingle in their own niches: art quilts, weavers, vintage, fair trade groups, etsy sellers, suppliers, galleries and so on. 

While our membership focuses on handmade textiles, fiber art and supplies, this same audience also uses commercial supplies, needs tools, supports other institutions, engages socially, and buys other handmade art.  Sponsors who share similar aesthetics, sensibilities, missions can enjoy this target market that we have created.

Ads that would do well on our site:  
Anything related to textiles and fiber art (fabric shops, sewing machines, threads, dyes, tools, education, history, etc.), other handmade shops and organizations (clay, wood, metal, glass, beads, jewelry, etc.), cultural travel, literature, music, gardening, green living, interior design, architecture, museums, festivals, cultural institutions, art education, and so on.  These are just some ideas we have thought of.  Feel free to contact us for feedback on what you would like to advertise.
All ads must be culturally sensitive and fit in with TAFA's mission of supporting handmade traditions within the context of  larger sustainability and environmental responsibility.
Size: an ad box is 200 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
The ads flash in random order on every page except for the Home Page and on the Member Profile pages.  They click to the url of your choice.  Ad dates start from the date it goes live on the site. They also show in random order on our Forum site: http://www.tafaforum.com.  We have our main blog and TAFA Market there.

Added Bonus: 

If you have a Facebook business page, we will share your content weekly on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page gets great viral activity. What we share is subject to our discretion and needs to fit in with our core focus (textiles, fiber art, handmade, etc.) One more way to share our larger audience with our Sponsors!



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Our shopping cart is set up for purchase of Sponsor Ads.  The system creates an account where the sponsor can then have control over the ad displayed and change it as often as needed.  The ad goes into review mode and then is approved before it goes live.

TAFA Members: Log in and click on Sponsor Ads on your Profile Page for your info.

Rates:  $100 a month per ad or 12 months for $1000.  The Buy Now button below generates an account for the ad. 

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New Site Offer:

TAFA has come a long way since January 2010.  We acknowledge that we are young and emerging, yet confident that we move towards becoming a major destination in the world of textiles and fiber art.

We are offering a great opportunity to new sponsors who wish to support us as we expand our horizons!  Get 25% off of your ad price as a new sponsor!  Choose any length of time for this offer.    Get 30% off on a year ad.

We do not have a coupon system on our shopping cart, so please contact before purchasing the ad so that we can set it up for you.


Contact Rachel for more information.
Do you like what we do, but don't have a business?  You can sponsor a favorite charity through an ad or donate.  The button below can be used for any non-shopping cart items or for donations.



Classified Ads

TAFA launched a member forum on a BuddyPress site in order to have a central location where we can meet.  We now have a Classified Ads page as a service to our larger community. Anyone can advertise their shops, websites, workshops and events there.

Come check it out!