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TAFA on tumblr! Are you there?

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September 25, 2013

tumblr-logoTumblr. has been around for quite a long time, but somehow we just never made it over there. However, we finally set up a place there and hope to find our niche. Our new TAFA Market has a great posting feature, highlighting products from our different categories. We will post those over there and other news as we go along, plus we’ll share really cool stuff along the way.

We found some of our TAFA members, but need a bigger crowd to make it fun!

Would you like to tumblr along with us?

If you are over there, leave a comment with your link so that we can all find each other. Click on the image below to visit our spanking, brand new site on tumblr!

tafa on tumblr

Update (October 7):

Now that we’ve been there for a couple of weeks, I am loving it!  I’ve found some great people to follow and then others through the content they are posting. It is pure eye candy! For some reason, looking at one image at a time is easier for me to process than the sensory overload that I get at Pinterest. I especially like that you can create long sets (up to 10 images) as one post and they just look great!

I’ve also found a free theme that I really like:

tafa on tumblr

So, if you are over there, definitely connect with us!  http://tafalist.tumblr.com/


I've been working with the arts and craft world in many capacities since 1988. Handmade textiles have been my core focus since launching TAFA in 2010.

My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

Arrived in Kentucky after a childhood in Brazil, college in Minnesota and 20 years in Chicago. It's been a ride!


on TAFA on tumblr! Are you there?.
  1. |

    Ellen, when are you next in Chiang Mai? I would love to meet up and discuss fabric sources with you.

    • |

      Hi, Barbara. We arrive on Dec. 8. Why don’t you email me through our website with more about what you are looking for. We pretty well only work with weavers at this point — cotton and silk (village-raised, organic).

    • |

      Thanks, Barbara! I love, love, love your photos! It will be a great way to follow you. I’ll check the link that I posted.

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