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    Ad-Sponsor TAFA

    Sponsors Keep TAFA Tickin’

    TAFA does not have yearly membership fees like most organizations.  I decided that it would be a logistical nightmare to try to keep track of members, where they are on our hubs, kick them off if their membership expires, add them back in again when they renew and so on.  Instead, my hope is that we will grow into a major destination for those interested in handmade textiles and fiber art.

    Everything costs money: the site is costing over $10,000 US dollars, marketing, staffing, etc. At this time, TAFA consumes most of my time with very little financial reward.  I seriously need an assistant or two, but can’t hire anyone until I start getting a livable wage (plus health insurance!).  Members who can and want to contribute financially can do so by becoming sponsors.


    • Ads flash on every page of the site except for the Home Page and Member Profiles.  The ads link to your site.
    • Sponsors are announced on our Facebook Page periodically.
    • Sponsor ads are added to two albums and stay there forever, linking to your member profile: Facebook and Pinterest.
    • Sponsors who advertise for a full year at a time have the option to be added to our Behance portfolio.


    • Member ads are $25/month (US Dollars) or $250/year (two months free).
    • There is three month minimum ($75).
    • I have been giving a 25% discount on yearly ads bringing it down to $187.50/year (will remain so until further notice).
    • Non-member ads are $100/month or $1,000/year. (Two months free.)

    As you can see, there is a huge difference between the cost of member and non-member ads.  The research that I did in setting this up showed that many of our peers (design blogs, etc.) charge around $200/week, but their traffic is much better than TAFA’s.  We are currently getting around 300 hits a day, although our hubs, like Facebook, get much more.  We need to be in the thousands.  Your financial support will help me strengthen TAFA and keep it (and me) healthy.

    How to purchase:

    The member sponsor ads are also considered a product.  There is a purchase button on your profile page and once you purchase an ad, it will pop into your Product Pages table.  This means that you can edit it at any time changing either the image or the link, in case you want to test different places.  There have been some glitches on the user side, so if you have any problems, let me know and I will help you.


    The ad size is 200 pixels wide by 250 pixels deep, jpeg or png format.

    Need help designing an ad?  I’ve done most of the ones we’ve had on the site and will happily do one for you at no charge.  You may use the image anywhere else, too.

    Your financial support is deeply appreciated.  TAFA has been an amazing experience in so many ways for me, but a stressful one, too.  A lot has been done since we launched in 2010, but there is so much more that needs to happen and money does help make the world go around!  🙂

    Questions about Sponsor Ads?  Ask them here!


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