TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List | 2015 Spring New Members: Textiles, Dye, Embroidery, Felt, Retailers and Teachers

2015 Spring New Members: Textiles, Dye, Embroidery, Felt, Retailers and Teachers

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TAFA’s membership is currently at 522, with a core focus on studio artists from around the world. But, we also welcome other organizations, retailers, galleries, museums, schools, and any business working with handmade textiles and fiber art. We do have a selection process, looking for quality, a professional presentation, and we have a bias towards those whose work contribute to making the world a better place (eco-products, recycled, small fiber farms and so on).

This is our first quarterly introduction of our new members. Future ones will be tagged Featured Members so clicking on that will give you the next updates. The next one will be in July, 2015. If you are interested in joining TAFA, find information on our Membership Page. As you can see from this feature, we are diverse! Visit our Member Directory for an alphabetical list or TAFA Members for a visual portfolio of the profiles. The TAFA Members page changes daily as we move members from the bottom to the top.

Click on the titles or images to visit the profiles.

There you will find each member’s links and more information about what they do.

This quarter brings us a focus on textiles, dye, embroidery, retailers and teachers.

A Howling Ruth Production

Kachina Martin of Reading, Pennsylvania (USA) works with dye and nuno felting to create scarves and work for exhibition. She has a shop on Etsy where she sells her accessories.

A Howling Ruth Production - Forgotten

A Howling Ruth Production – Forgotten


Alternatives Global Marketplace

We love supporting retailers who emphasize fair trade! Alternatives Global Marketplace works with many groups around the world, with a heavy emphasis on Africa. Lots of great baskets, home decor items and wearables. I especially like their embroidered tops!

Alternatives Global Marketplace_ Fair Trade Home  Decor

Alternatives Global Marketplace – Fair Trade Home Decor

Cloth and Goods

Cloth and Goods had a brick and mortar location when they joined us but have moved to an online presence only. Melissa Newirth’s clean aesthetic incorporates vintage textiles into home decor items. She loves indigo, so if you are partial to those blues, you will find them there!

Cloth and Goods Pillows

Cloth and Goods Pillows


Irinel Popescu landed in Jacksonville, Florida, but has traveled the world! Her jewelry is influenced by tribal cultures and has all the flair you could want in wearable art!

Diomio's Fiber Art Bohemian Necklace Red Feathers

Diomio’s Fiber Art Bohemian Necklace Red Feathers

Ellen November Fiber Artist

Combining a love for cartography with recycled shirting, Ellen November has developed her own recognizable signature in the art quilts she makes.

Ellen November Fiber Artist - Santa Monica - cartography pier -upcycled

Ellen November Fiber Artist – Santa Monica – cartography pier -upcycled

Heather Dubreuil

A Canadian artist in Hudson, Quebec, Heather blends architecture with color in a most pleasing way!

Heather Dubreuil - Architectural City Scape Art Quilt -Memories of Newtown, 2014

Heather Dubreuil – Architectural City Scape Art Quilt -Memories of Newtown, 2014

Jacqueline K Calladine

An eco-dyer, Jacqueline lives in Kirkland, Washington (USA) where she engages the community in the connections between land and art.



Jan R. Carson

Jan has had a successful business creating aerial installations for public spaces. Sewing these tiny bits of fabric is a recent direction, an exploration of color and movement. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA). She has small versions of her mobiles in her shop on Etsy, perfect for a home or office!


Jan R Carson Textile Wall Art – Cloud Triptich

Michelle Kingdom

Michelle Kingdom’s small embroideries come with impact. Each stitch adds movement and definition to the scene. Make sure you visit her portfolio on her website, showcasing a broad range of work. Michelle jumped in with both feet when she joined TAFA and submitted three pieces for our new shop. Go check them out!

Michelle Kingdom Embroidery - All Those Layers of Opacity

Michelle Kingdom Embroidery – All Those Layers of Opacity

Raija Jokinen

Raija Jokinen is our first member from Finland and we are so pleased to have her! TAFA is an international organization with members in over 44 countries, although our base is still in the United States. We would like to become a destination where textiles and fiber art can be found from all over the world and we are moving in that direction.  Raija’s work is so amazing…  Even after I read about her process, I’m not sure if I understand how she finally puts it all together. She pulls apart flax fibers, dyes them and then paints the into the images she creates. Then she sews them to keep them together. At any rate, these fragile pieces explore the relationship of the body to emotions and energy. Similar studies have been made of plants and animals, too.

Raija Jokinen Textile - Bright Thoughts - anatomical art

Raija Jokinen Textile – Bright Thoughts – anatomical art

Rutongo Embroideries

Juliana Meehan visited Rwanda in 2011 and fell in love with an embroidery project she encountered there. Her site seeks to support these women through select sales of the work along with exhibit opportunities. Their story is one of strength and survival, and above all, the ability to capture joy after so much suffering.

Rutongo Embroideries – Rwanda Africa embroidery blended threads – Happy Young Woman

Rutongo Embroideries – Rwanda Africa embroidery blended threads – Happy Young Woman

The Pacific Northwest Art School

One of the important charges for the leaders in our community is to pass on the knowledge of how to work with textiles and fiber art. Many of these processes take years to master and the sharing of techniques ensures that the next generation will have the ability to continue this important work. The Pacific Northwest Art School is one of these meccas of learning! We were so pleased when they joined as several of our members teach their regularly. See their upcoming workshops on our Events Page! (Note: Dates are European style – Day/Month)

They also chose to support us financially by becoming a Member Sponsor! This support is essential to keep us in operation, so we are very grateful!  Located on Whidbey Island in Washington State (USA), consider learning at this wonderful school!

The Pacific NorthWest Art School

The Pacific NorthWest Art School

Tuscan Rose

Florida artist, Patty Van Dorin, dyes her own fabric, likes to use recycled materials and has a passion for ethnic textiles. Her dyed fabric often end up in quilts, but she also makes great bags which she sells on Etsy, along with the fabric.

tuscan rose improvisational circle quilt commercial repurposed fabric

Tuscan Rose – Improvisational Circle Quilt, Commercial repurposed fabric.


Not Yet Listed:

People get busy and I can’t get them up on our site until they send me their info…  🙁

These new members will hopefully get their info to me soon. Once they do, they will show up on The List (our Directory). Meanwhile, enjoy a small preview:

Annie Cholewa

Annie dyes, knits and writes patterns. Wrexham, United Kingdom.

Annie Cholewa Dyed Yarns

Annie Cholewa Dyed Yarns

Jayne Gaskins

Jayne combines digital photography with thread painting to create moving portraits and scenes. Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA.

Jayne Gaskins - Solitude

Jayne Gaskins – Solitude

Lisa Binkley Art Quilts & Embroideries

Lovely art quilts incorporating beads and embroidery. Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Lisa Binkley Art Quilts & Embroideries - A Grotto for Spring

Lisa Binkley Art Quilts & Embroideries – A Grotto for Spring

Lynn Cornelius

Tapestry artist and art coach, Lynn also teaches workshops. Fun 3-d innovation! Greeley, Colorado, USA

Lynn Cornelius - The Sky's Loneliness, Tapestry

Lynn Cornelius – The Sky’s Loneliness, Tapestry


Amazing wet felting! So realistic…  Fiona Gill’s passion? Wild animals in nature. Hawes, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

MarmaladeRose - Narsturtium Hare, Wet Felting

MarmaladeRose – Narsturtium Hare, Wet Felting

The Wild ‘N’ Wooly

Michelle Houston needle felts animals, draws and sews. We’re light on the cute factor on TAFA, but when something is cute, it’s heart squishing… Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada.

The Wild 'N' Wooly Needle Felted Mouse

The Wild ‘N’ Wooly Needle Felted Mouse

Laverne Zabielski

Wearable art and home decor using various dye and felting techniques. Monticello, Kentucky, USA.

Laverne Zabielski Vest

Laverne Zabielski Vest

As you can see, we have quite the mix on TAFA! The common language of thread and fiber binds us together. As professionals, our members do represent the best of our textile and fiber art communities, truly making it an honor to be on The List! Talent, however, is but a partnership as it cannot thrive without a supportive audience. We hope that you will engage with our members, get to know them, and support them in whatever way you can. The world is enriched by their hard work!

Our Sponsors keep TAFA tickin’!

Please support them back!

  • Artist

    Ann Dunbar has developed her own technique of embroidery on water color paper. She lives near Paris and is inspired by landscapes, flowers, and city lights.

    View Profile
  • Artist, Organization

    Silvia Piza-Tandlich has exhibited her work around the world and runs Galeria Octagono in Costa Rica. Community oriented, all of her work is made by hand, often inspired by themes drawn on from Latin American mythology.

    View Profile
  • Textile Artist, Workshops

    Elena Ulyanova has a passion for eco and botanical dye processes and has taught her methods in many European countries. Originally from the Ukraine, she now lives in Poland. She sells upcycled garments and accessories that she dyes on Etsy.

    View Profile
  • Textile Artist

    Laura Lee Burch is an American artist and author living in Israel. Her current passion lies in needle felting animals and people with humor and sometimes, a message. She welcomes special commissions of her work.

    View Profile
  • Weaving- Home Textiles and Fashion Accessories

    Mayamam Weavers, a fair trade cooperative of women in Cajolá, Guatemala, specializes in home textiles and fashion accessories.

    View Profile
  • Artist

    Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts: Festival schedule and a nice display of what's available in her Etsy shop.

    View Profile
  • Asian Folk Art

    Turkish Folk Art has an exceptional online shop featuring Central Asian textiles and crafts. While most are vintage, they also support village artisans working in traditional techniques.

    View Profile
  • Artist

    Driven by colour and obsessed with her love/hate relationship with the creative process, Heidi lives to dye...and dies to quilt. She lives in Canada where she stirs up all kinds of fun! She also runs with scissors...

    View Profile
  • Artist

    Gini Holmes is a mixed media artist who explores new technologies with traditional media. Her work seeks to provoke thought and discussion. She partners with artist Sandy Scott in a line of adornments for body and home, Venus d’Pyro.

    View Profile
  • Artist

    Ann Ridge sews and sells vintage textiles on Etsy. She specializes in a Korean technique, Chogapko, and her own crazy quilt style. Ann lives in Spain and welcomes commissions.

    View Profile
  • Artist

    Hand-dyed, knit and sewn scarves by Jane Porter. Jane works with a fair trade weaving group in India who provide her with many of the scarves she dyes.

    View Profile
  • Publication, Organization

    Fiber Art Now is an exciting print & digital magazine for contemporary textiles & fiber arts. The Network offers opportunities for exhibition, education and more!

    View Profile
  • Fair Trade

    HoonArts is a Fair Trade effort representing hand-crafted gifts and accessories from Tajikistan and other Central Asian Silk Road countries.

    View Profile
  • Patterns

    Folkwear Patterns are based on authentic ethnic and vintage garments, used by theatre and dance costumers, historic reenactors, art-to-wear aficionados, and anyone who enjoys dressing up.

    View Profile
  • Artist, Supplies

    Based in Sacramento, California (USA) Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art – ITSA Studio showcase mixed media art by Barbetta and a rich assortment of supplies from around the world. ITSA Studio has a large selection of ethnic and tribal beads and textiles.

    View Profile
  • MarketPlace: Handwork of India

    MarketPlace: Handwork of India, empowering women and breaking the cycle of poverty! Fair Trade and handmade, long-lasting elegance!

    View Profile
  • Weaver, Designer, Artist

    Cat Brysch Creations Studio has been weaving yardage for artists for years! Check out her studio and shop from her on Etsy.

    View Profile
  • Gallery, Wholesaler

    Afghan Tribal Arts Beads and Textiles, natural gemstones from Afghanistan and vintage textiles, following a regular show route in Southeastern USA.

    View Profile
  • Artist, Teacher

    Jane Dunnewold is an artist, teacher and author of surface design techniques. She teaches and lectures internationally and at her studio in San Antonio, Texas.

    View Profile
  • School, Workshops

    The Pacific Northwest Art School offers workshops and classes in Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, and Photography. Whidbey Island, Washington, USA.

    View Profile
  • Weaver

    Ann Robinson Textiles weaves beautiful handwoven accessories and dyes the fibers she uses to create fabrics. Her woven art complements classic wardrobes as well as contemporary home and office settings.

    View Profile
  • Marketing

    Folt Bolt is Kriszta Kemény’s exceptional effort at promoting artists and the handmade community. She runs curated collections on her website and has developed an active and successful community through her Facebook page.

    View Profile


I've been working with the arts and craft world in many capacities since 1988. Handmade textiles have been my core focus since launching TAFA in 2010.

My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

Arrived in Kentucky after a childhood in Brazil, college in Minnesota and 20 years in Chicago. It's been a ride!


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    I would appreciate it if you have contact information for fibre artists, spinners, dyers, and rug hookers in Canada. We are seeking suppliers for a new store opening in Ontario.

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      Charlene, you can do a search on the site for Canada or Ontario and see what comes up. I try to add text in their profiles about where they live so that they show up. Spell out places as I don’t abbreviate them. I wanted to install a map with member pins, but it didn’t work with our site. 🙁 Hopefully, we can do that at some point.

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