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Afghan Tribal Arts has been importing from Afghanistan and Central Asia since the 1980's. Although we carry textiles, wood, ceramics, carpets and other ethnographic products, the core of our business has always been with our beads. Afghanistan has great wealth in its supply of minerals and beautiful gemstones are both native to and abundant in the region.

Our shop on Etsy has a great selection of lapis lazuli, jade, fluorite, malachite and other gemstones. The beads are hand carved and mostly unpolished. Over time, beads that are worn take on a deep sheen from the oils of the skin, deepening in color and richness.

Many fiber artists use beads to complement their work, sewing them into textiles, adding them into weavings, and using the larger beads as closures, buttons or accents.

Are you a previous customer? We enjoy featuring how people use our beads and textile on our site, so let us know if you would like to be featured.

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