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: Long Beach, California, US
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Unique and functional one of a kind, handmade pottery made in Long Beach, California. My wares range from dining pieces like cups and plates, to decorative pieces like large vases and hand built birds. I love color and nature and that shows in every piece that comes out of my small studio.

I start each piece on the potter’s wheel. This is where a simple ball of clay is transformed into its final form. Each piece is then set to dry. Once completely dry, it is bisque- fired. The next step is my favorite: I hand paint each piece using vibrant colors, floral designs and sometimes birds. Once the painting is complete the piece is glazed and fired again. Over the years I have developed techniques that allow my designs to pop off of their backgrounds giving the designs a multi-dimensional effect.

I believe that pottery can be both beautiful and functional. Rest assured all of my items are microwave, dishwasher and food safe.

As an artist I am inspired by color and nature. I love flowers and birds. This is demonstrated through my designs. When I am not throwing pottery or painting, you will, most likely, find me tending my garden.
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