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by Aliona Carpov

Aliona Carpov

I come from Moldova (Eastern Europe) and am passionate about every art-related technique, especially silk dyeing, oil painting, and carpet design. I practiced these disciplines but tapestry, carpets and ceramics are the ones I enjoy the most.

I moved to Morocco in 1999, where I continued to work as a designer, developing collections for toufté carpet, suitable for all styles of interiors. I have continued to research and develop art tapestries inspired by the traditional arts of Central Europe and modern African art, combining various techniques and various materials (wool, fabric, raffia, acrylic, silk plant, and leather) enriched by the shapes, colors and landscapes of Morocco.
In this post, I will present my work in the interior of my apartment and in the house of my friends.

The apartment in which we currently live is in Rabat and was built in a traditional Moroccan style riad style. I decided to decorate in the same style, reminiscent of Berber and Bauresquees symbols. We bought local furniture and carpets along with crafts and ceramics which I enjoyed painting. On the walls we hung my tapestry and the paintings of my daughter. All of my creations are a mixture of two cultures: European with a Moroccan touch. I love textiles for their textures and sweetness. I like to experiment with and develop my own techniques. I invite you to discover my own creations which I weave and I created in a contemporary spirit, modern in that traditional sense. I wish you a pleasant visit ! 🙂



Our living room is divided into two spaces – a desk and a seating area.
The office area is decorated with two of my textile creations.



The right tapestry is made of  wool, silk, leather, and inlaid with river stones. I called it “Past” work as it reminds me of my childhood.

The left panno decorative textile was made in a mixed technique that I developed. The creation of this work was inspired by small villages in the mountains of Morocco.


I upholstered the couches myself with fabric I bought on the local market to create a Moroccan salon. I stitched organza fabric for the table.  The pottery on the table comes from a craft workshop in Fes. The caned chairs were made ​​to order from my sketches. The floor is covered with handmade Turkish carpets.


On the wall next to the window is a painting that was done by my daughter, a portrait of her grandmother. To the right on the wall is a tapestry of mixed techniques.


The bookshelf holds books and various collectibles: ceramic, sculptures, etc…



The tapestry above uses mixed techniques inspired by Berber carpets. I used silk, fabric painting and traditional jewelery. On the walls to the right of the tapestry there are three ceramic plates suspended with geometric designs painted by myself. I like mixing my creative activities. After discovering painting on ceramics, it has become my new passion. I wrote a book about how to use stencils to create these designs: http://www.edisaxe.com/la-peinture-sur-poterie.html

In this book you will find designs inspired by both my Slavic culture and Moroccan colors.


In the corner of the small library, which is decorated with all sorts of creations – there is a large pot and pottery painted by myself, one of my tapestries, a silk painting, and a painting made ​​by my daughter.  The bookshelf is from a garage sale which I restored.


This silk painting is a copy that I made of a work after an unknown artist  about “Saint George of Lydda” in African style.



On the wall hangs a painting in mixed technique, created by my daughter.


In the opposite corner of the library there is a set of artisan-made cane furniture, a white Berber carpet, and as usual, one of my tapestries and a painting done by my daughter. A small table covered with a cotton cloth that was woven in the north of Moldova was a gift for our wedding.

IMG_8649Panno textiles use mixed techniques: embroidery, painting on fabric as well as silk and raffia, titled “Between Heaven and Earth”. It was inspired from our flight on the plane. During the flight, I saw the sunset and sunrise. It was an amazing spectacle.



The lobby and couloire is decorated in the same style of cane furniture, terracotta pots, tapestries and painting, and with local Moroccan handcrafts on the walls and ceiling.


In the hallway on the left wall above the mirror hangs a small chandelier made by a local artisan in wrought iron which we bought. I love this little candle holder! It creates comfort in the hallway. 🙂


Next to the candle holder is a small textile and painting, made in my mixed technique that I personally created. “Hand of Fatima” is an amulet of protection in the form of hand. According to local legends, it brings happiness to the home and saves us from the evil eye.The mirror and a small box for keys were also decorated by me with paint, leather and jewelry. 


As you  enter through the front entrance, in front of you on the wall are hanging the two small panno textile decorations where I embedded Berber jewelry and Moroccan a plate. In this panno, I used wood, cotton, embroidery, painting and Berber jewelry. Below there is a vase with dried flowers, I collected in the field during a walk in nature.


Our hallway is decorated with my textiles and paintings by my daughter. The floor along the walls of the corridor is decorated with pottery and Berber carpets in red color. Berber carpets are a classic art, produced in the region Khemisset and show the expertise of Berber women and brings an oriental touch to the interior decoration in my house.




In this bedroom I wanted to give an African touch with panno textile decorations and wood elements in the same spirit.

The triptych on the wall I have done in mixed media. Adjacent is an African wooden sculpture. The bed cover is handmade raw silk (sabra). The cushions are Berber and Indian fabrics. A Turkish carpet is on the floor.



Triptych “African motifs”  of Africa series.

Textiles offer many decorating opportunities. They bring many beautiful and useful things for the home. I wanted a comfortable apartment for ourselves and I think we succeeded 🙂



In this part of my post I would like to present my textile creations that decorate a friend’s home.


I decided to decorate the hall  with  triptych “Africa”. I think that this triptych here looks best. Textile panno: mixed media, batik, natural materials, embroidery.This was one of my first creations.


The European salon showcases tapestries woven by myself on the wall.


Tapestry “Folklore” triptych , weaving, wool.
This work reminds me of my home.


Decorative panno from the series “Morocco”. Mixed technique that I created personally.


Tapestries made by me and my daughter hang on the walls at the back.



Left: tapestry called “Inspiration”.  Right: two small rugs from the series “Morocco”. Weaving mixed media.


My tapestry “Inspiration” and three mini tapestries by my daughter. Weaving, wool, silk, acrylic.


The European salon is opposite to the Moroccan interior. I decided to decorate the Moroccan area with decorative panno from the series “Morocco” of my own creation.


Composition consisting of decorative panels from the series “Morocco”. Mixed media. Created personally.


Triptych “Morocco”. Decorative panno. Mixed media, created personally.

I appreciate how the textures in textiles play a valuable role in creating comfortable interiors and timeless colors. Decades ago, I discovered how yarn can be the source of spontaneity and creativity. I love creating original, exclusive and unique works.

I hope that my post will be interesting to people who love textiles and design and who want their home decorated with creations made ​​by these hands.


 Decorating with Textiles Series

Many thanks to Alena for sharing her home and her friend’s place with us! It’s so interesting to see the blend of cultures, techniques, and aesthetics! Alena is available for commissions, so if you like her work, do not hesitate to contact her to see what she could do for you. You can leave a message here or there is a contact button on her Profile Page on TAFA.

Would you like to participate in this series? The Decorating with Textiles Series is an ongoing project on this blog. This offer is open to all of you out there who love textiles. Many of our TAFA members make beautiful decorative textiles and functional work as well and showcasing these homes can help stimulate new ideas of what to do with textiles. Seeing a photo online is much different from seeing how a textile will function in an environment. Many people appreciate textiles but have no idea how to display them or what to do with them. We’d like to have many people participate in this series, each bringing in their own ideas and tastes.

Make sure to leave a comment for Aliona. I know that would please her immensely!

Contact me if you are interested and would like to submit a post:

rayela [@] comcast.net (remove spaces and brackets)

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