Indigo cloth

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December 6, 2013

Indigo cloth

With a very soft worn feel, we have these wonderful natural indigo tie dyed cotton strip cloths having been worn by the Mossi women of Burkina Faso or used in shaman rituals. Mid-century

A – 57″ x 40″

B – 56″ x 42″

“For centuries before the introduction of synthetic dyes the ability to transform everyday white cotton into prized deep blue cloth was a mysterious and highly valuable skill passed on by specialist dyers from generation to generation. A century ago blue and white striped cloth was the normal attire across a vast area from Senegal to Cameroon, while numerous traditions of “shibori” type resist pattern dyeing flourished. Although today only isolated pockets of real indigo dyeing remain it is still possible to source old cloths from some remote areas.” Adire


I've been working with the arts and craft world in many capacities since 1988. Handmade textiles have been my core focus since launching TAFA in 2010.

My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

Arrived in Kentucky after a childhood in Brazil, college in Minnesota and 20 years in Chicago. It's been a ride!

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