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Featured Artist: Colin’s Creatures

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Cotswold Ewe Kissing Lamb

Cotswold Ewe Kissing Lamb

I have one problem with Colin Richmond’s creatures.

I want them all.

Most of the creatures, such as the sheep and goats, have heads, horns, and climbs made from cast porcelain; the artist carved each piece and then created the molds. Details, such as eyes or a pink tongue, are painted once the clay is fired.

The sturdy body of each creature is carved from hydrostone. For sheep and goats, Richmond covers the stone in the same woven alpaca or mohair used on the fine Steiff stuffed teddy bears. Other figures, such as the lion, have more exposed porcelain and stone with a faux fur mane.

Richmond takes great care in his research, trying to meet each breed in person to study their appearance and character. He plans to add more types of animals in the future, including whimsical and cheeky holiday creatures sporting caps, stockings, or elf boots.

In this video, Richmond explains his process, showing the creatures in various stages of development. A beautiful, intimate look into his studio…



See? Not so easy to pick one out, is it?

Colin Richmond enjoys opening his studio in Asheville, North Carolina, to visitors. He said people tend to gravitate to “their” creature right away. He’s also a savvy marketer. Besides welcoming visitors, the main website features a “Creature Club” to connect with customers, provide special offers, and receive feedback on experiments with new sculptures. Richmond’s website also has a Wish List.

Visit Colin’s Creatures on TAFA:

Colin’s Creatures

Reindeer Elf Sheep

Reindeer Elf Sheep



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