Kathryn Harmer Fox. The Tutus in a Circle of Love and Peace

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January 25, 2016

Various and assorted dress materials and threads using the techniques of fibre embedment using scribble stitch and free motion machine embroidery.


Award-Winning Fibre Artist and International Teacher
Kathryn Harmer Fox is an award-winning artist based in South Africa who works in a variety of mediums. She uses her sewing machine like a brush, painting with fabric and drawing with thread. She believes that all creative endeavours sustain the soul, feeding both body and mind. She feels that practicing any art form opens pathways into the psyche that would otherwise remain closed bypassing the often all-too-active ego.
She teaches her techniques nationally and internationally in a series of workshops and believes that an artist is a glorified, albeit keenly observant, problem-solver. She is inspired by the world around her, and tries to find a way to interpret it.

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