TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization made up of online businesses dealing with handmade textiles and fiber art. Although most have products for sale, some might provide services like teaching or be themselves other organizations. Half of our members have shops on Etsy, but increasingly we see our members setting up shop on their own sites, a practice we endorse. It does make it harder to find them, but we do our best to point people in many directions.

Other members sell through shows, festivals and exhibits, while there are also those who work on installations or work that is meant to be experienced, not sold.

This page hopes to help you find our members who have products for sale. We thank you for your support! When you buy handmade, you are making it possible for the talent expressed on this site to continue its practice.

Art Quilt Collage

TAFA’s Gift Guide

We have created blog posts that feature themed products members have for sale. The latest six are shown below. To see all of our guides, click on TAFA’s Gift Guide on the drop down menu under Blog.

TAFA on Etsy

2014 TAFA on EtsyWe have created a destination on Etsy by sharing a common tag on our products. We generally have around 4,000 products there and believe it to be the best destination on Etsy for handmade textiles and fiber art.

Shop TAFA on Etsy!

You can narrow the search results by adding key words to TAFA. Example: TAFA scarf, TAFA quilt, TAFA red, TAFA hat, etc.

Artizan Made


Artizan Made siteIn January 2014, we launched a sister site to TAFA, Artizan Made, where we promote member shops who have been vetted in based on the quality of their products. It operates as a collective and is open to other materials besides fiber, such as clay, wood, metal and glass.

The work is superb! Our focus there is on home decor and eco-fashion.

A similar site is planned for launch in 2015 with a focus on handmade supplies and tools, along with independent patterns and kits. It will be called Artizan Supplies.

Most of the shops on Artizan are also on Etsy, but some have their own standalone carts.

Our blog posts serve as product features and we also use our Facebook page to show off these great works.


artizan made on etsy 1700 items

Artizan Made also has a destination on Etsy, with over 2,000 items listed as of September, 2014. In the same way as the TAFA search, you can narrow the search results by adding key words: artizanmade hat, artizanmade green, artizanmade ring, and so on. Etsy also has categories listed on the left sidebar.

Please note: All of our products are handmade, including within the Vintage category. Etsy will see these as distinct from each other, but both TAFA and Artizan have members selling vintage textiles, so don’t overlook them as they are quite the treasures. The people who made them may no longer be with us, but they inspire us and serve as amazing examples of technique and design.


Artizan Made Featured Gallery

The core group of textile and fiber art shops on Artizan are also TAFA members. The products below are just a sampling of what they carry. Clicking on any of the images will take you directly to their shop, whether on Etsy or on their own site. Once there, please explore the rest of their shops.

Note: Prices listed are in the original currency as they were listed, not necessarily dollars. We are an international organization, but unfortunately, the widget that we are using does not do currency conversions.

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