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Join a wonderful community of fiber artists and textile businesses! A diverse group, we are united in our commitment to the handmade process, to excellence in design, and delight in being a part of the larger tapestry of life.

TAFA members are vetted in based on their professional presentation on the web and on the maturity of their work. TAFA is not for hobbyists and although we do welcome and embrace young businesses, we do look for a solid body of work and a clear “brand”.

Membership Fee: $125

This is a lifetime membership and basically buys a spot on the site. Members who can and want to support us financially beyond the membership fee do so by becoming Sponsors.

Step 1

Use the Contact Form to send in the following:

  • Paragraph on your background.
  • Paragraph on why you would like to join TAFA.
  • Paragraph about your overall goals for the next 5 years.
  • Links to website or blog and any social media platforms that you use regularly.
  • Tell us how you heard about us.

Step 2

You will receive an email back accepting or rejecting your request for membership. If rejected, we will explain why. Usually, it has to do with an undeveloped line of products, poor photography, outdated web info or an aesthetic that is far removed from ours. Although we are a diverse group, some genres are just not a good fit. Explore our Member Profiles and you should get a good idea of what we like.

Step 3

Once accepted, go here to pay the Join Fee.

Step 4

You will then receive a welcome letter with more info on member opportunities along with a list of what we need to load your profile, a copy of the last member newsletter, and you will be added as a user to the site. Members can list their events on the Events Page and are invited to submit articles to our Blog.


We don’t have many rules and so far that has worked well for us. We expect our members to be supportive of each other, to respect copyrights, and to be kind. Here are a couple of rules:

  • Membership fees are non-refundable. 
  • A membership can be terminated at any time, for any reason, on either side. However, if we do have a problem, a group of member peers would be called upon to discuss the issue.


The TAFA List membership showcases businesses that belong to fiber artists and crafters, development projects, cooperatives, online shops, wholesalers, designers, galleries, museums, organizations, writers, publishers, and collectors. TAFA brings all of these different groups together in an illustrated database.

The TAFA List appeals to retailers and galleries looking for new product, to wholesalers or artists looking for new buyers or shows, to bloggers looking for material to write about, and so on.


Members must have an active business or professional presence on the web. TAFA is not for hobbyists. The TAFA List targets web users as potential clients and customers. Members must show substance in their field and a history of their connection with textiles or fiber art. This includes having a good website, clear photos, information on the artist, availability of product, etc.

Products represented should have real “value” in terms of historical context, construction and materials used. Member artists must be working with their own designs (no kits or commercial patterns, unless those are made or developed by the artist). Member businesses need to show ethical treatment of the product represented, whether new or old. Businesses using recycling, green, fair trade, and/or sustainable practices are especially sought.


TAFA Members on Flickr:

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    Our wonderful member Marion Coleman has passed. For those of you who did not know her you can see her work at
    Marion will be greatly missed by so many and I consider myself fortunate to call her a friend.

    “Marion may you keep creating in heaven”.

    Bonnie J. Smith

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