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425 Square Foot Art – Wonder And Kind

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Jenni Glassford of 425sqftart

Jenni Glassford of 425 sqftart


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I am a fiber/mixed media artist of sorts who is a lucky mama & wife to an extremely fun-loving hubby, one comical child, and 3 crazy pups!

My work has been featured in various teddy bear publications and Stuffed magazine.

I started 425sqftart in a tiny (two bedroom!) apartment in Astoria, Queens in 2004. I found my way into needle felting a year later and then decided to combine needle felting with traditional teddy bear making methods and in 2006 Lil’ Outsiders were born! Since then, numerous Lil’ Outsiders have found homes across the globe.

There are several versions of Lil’ Outsiders. Each one is painstakingly made from pattern design to completed funky lil’ guy by hand.

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on 425 Square Foot Art – Wonder And Kind.

    Hello there. Many yrs. ago I purchased from you 2 dolls, one named Rupert, one named Hector. A friend was here this past week and saw them in a little cabinet on the walll.
    I told her I had them for a very long time, and I paid, I believe $85 for each. She will inherit my things when I die, and so it wanted her to know they had value and were not toys.
    I am now almost 92 yrs old. These were in what was my daughter’s room. Sadly, Paige passed away nine yrs. ago of a brain aneurysm. She was 49. My friend, when she spied the dolls, said, “Oh, those look like The Wild Ones” or something about wild. I am not sure what she meant. Anyway, I decided to find you online and looked first for 425 square foot art, and one thing led to another. I, too, dabbled in needle felting and have made a few things. I never became terribly proficient and since I have little patience, and it is demanding of a lot of patience, I do not have a lot of things that I made….some cute dogs, and then i started with the needle felted balls, turning them into various heads. i have the wool and all the tools, but now I also have very old, stiff hands and fingers. i remember talking to you and asking you about the name of your company, etc. I am glad to see you are still going strong
    and are so successful and talented. Sincerely, Vilma Morgan

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