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Affaires Nomades

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Hello. My name is Fumika. I was born in Japan and currently live in France. I studied at the University of Fine Arts in Japan, and later I entered an interior design program in Paris, eventually working as a set design assistant and decorator. Since I freelance, I turn to painting and designing for my decor inspiration.

Affaires Nomades comes from my fascination for the ever-changing moments of life. Although a home symbolizes stability, I want to explore the idea that it can also reflect change. Therefore, my work is about a search for decor, which reflects this ephemeral nature. I like small furniture so I can easily move it to where I think it is best suited at that given time. This is why I like to work with fabrics.



Affaires Nomades, is a textile brand that transcends cultures, stimulates dreams, and gives you a taste of the nomadic spirit. The inspiration of the “Fragments” collection comes from the nature,the space and the depth, which evokes a sense of travel in the daily life. I want a home that feels organic; it changes as the person who lives in it changes.

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