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Agnes and Cora

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Lisa Toppin of Agnes and Cora - Fife, Scotland

Lisa Toppin of Agnes and Cora – Fife, Scotland


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Inspired by nature, my garden and vintage fabrics, I make everything at home in my tiny cottage in a tiny village in Fife, Scotland.

I love to sew and have made things as long as I can remember. I especially love the rhythm of hand sewing and I’m at my happiest with a needle and thread in my hand.

I’m a bit of a magpie and I am continually collecting fabrics, buttons and beads. My little workroom is full to overflowing with boxes of tweed scraps, shelves of linens and cottons, piles of furnishing fabric sample books and drawers full of beads and buttons.

I always take time to select the perfect combination of materials for each piece and I love working with colour and texture and using interesting and unexpected contrasts so that each accessory is a little `story`.

I find it really satisfying to recycle things and let old fabrics and buttons live again as a unique accessory which will hopefully become a new treasure.

I started my accessory business full-time in 2008 and I`m always adding new designs to my collection while keeping up with best-sellers. My label, Agnes & Cora, is named after my two grandmothers.

I’m a perfectionist and always ensure that each piece is finished to the highest possible standard.

My work is currently available in selected shops in Scotland and via my Etsy shop,  Agnesandcora.


on Agnes and Cora.
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    Your work takes tying flies (one of my hobbies) to a whole new level.

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    hello, i love bees where can i find them? please

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    Hi- lovely work! you may want to update your blog as the etsy shop name you have written is incorrect and will not lead to any traffic to you shop.

    • |

      Hi, Jane-

      I checked both our link to her shop and the link on her blog and both worked, so I don’t know where you are seeing the mistake. If you see this, clarify so that we can fix it. Thank you!

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    Would love to receive your newsletter please.

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    These are absolutely gorgeous. What talent and eye for detail. Send me copies/catalog of what’s available. With the Holidays coming up will make great gifts.

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