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I have spent most of the past 20 years in the fields of advertising and marketing. A need to find my creativity, lost among the daily trappings of the business world, led me to embark on a second career. I have pursued an art career exclusively for the past five years. As a resident of downtown Chicago, my art examines the definition and nature of the urban existence. I am a member of Fused Chicago, a group of Chicago area artists using the encaustic medium, the American Craft Council, the Chicago Artists Coalition, as well as being selected as a member of the Illinois Artisans Program, part of the Illinois State Museum. My artwork has been included in many local, national juried and invitational exhibitions as well as several publications.

In addition to my own blog, I am a frequent contributor to the Fused Chicago blog, writing articles about interesting aspects of the art world in the Midwest. I am also responsible for the day-to-day postings on the Fused Chicago Facebook page.


I am an urban dweller. I am drawn to the innate sense of order and change that can define an urban existence. My encaustic and fiber sculptures reduce larger images and concepts into elegant simplified forms. I pare down basic elements of color, shape and movement to acknowledge another kind of space. My work considers elements of urban history and change as well as exploring the physical and mental boundaries of the public and private spaces we inhabit. My Process: I often begin a new work by creating a paper model from a sketched design. The fiber I use is cheesecloth chosen for its wide weave which allows for gaps in the painted fabric. Next I consider color. With many of my sculptures, I dye the fiber a neutral hue allowing the viewer to focus on form and movement. When I use color I mix the paint for each section of fabric separately so that no two pieces are identical. This gives an interest and depth to the final work. Finally I form the wire support and weave or wrap the painted fabric onto the armature, creating the final piece.

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