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AllThingsPretty – Debra Dorgan

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AllThingsPretty -  Debra Dorgan

AllThingsPretty – Debra Dorgan

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Hi, my name is Debra and I am originally from England, UK with interesting roots 🙂

I lived in New Zealand for a couple of years and now live in Australia with my crazy family.

I have always enjoyed all things pretty but not just pretty, interestingly different, edgy and eye-catching too. I am grateful to have a life-long love affair with colour. I am also an Afro/European hairdresser and had a salon back in ol’ Blighty. I used to work alot with glass, (fusing in my old kiln and stained glass). I have a strong passion for interiors and styling which rubs off into my fashion work, intentional or not.

I like to work with different textures and materials including glass, crystal, fabrics, wire, clay, paints, metal, paper and many other beautifying embellishments.

I am currently working mainly with textiles – lace, fabric and leather, alongside metals, beads and paper. I make clothes, bags and jewellery. I also make homewares, including unusual cushion covers, tablecloths and tea towels. I paint and work with decoupage for cards, boxes, clay and ceramics. Wirework is another favourite art of mine – wire crosses, signage and wall art.

My goals are still being built and for now, I happily grow through a constant stream of the blissful unknown….I appreciate handmade items and enjoy collecting or recycling them….the story continues       🙂

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