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Alisa Woofter - Gainesville, Florida, USA

Alisa Woofter – Gainesville, Florida, USA







Alternatives Global Marketplace, owned by Alisa Woofter, is a fair trade boutique and online marketplace offering a unique selection of artisan crafts from around the world.  We source traditional folk art, unique handmade jewelry and handbags, home décor, art and sculpture, textiles, tabletop, meditation aids, body care and home fragrance. We build partnerships with artisans, cooperatives, and fair trade organizations worldwide to develop and market products that are economically just and environmentally sound. The artist receives a fair return for their effort, and the consumer in turn obtain a hand-crafted item of beauty and originality that is sure to be cherished.

Our Mission is to sell ethically sourced handmade goods so that we can connect cultures from all corners of the global while supporting global artisans and traditional craft. We hope to spread our passion for cultures and traditions so that others might gain a better understanding and appreciation of people near and far.  Our global marketplace provides an alternative to today’s obsession with throw-away fashion, mass produced products, and poor working conditions.  We, instead, can take pride in quality, craft, and unique style of each piece. We have been in business for over 20 years.

Alternatives carries a unique collection of textiles as Alisa has a true passion for hand-woven weavings.  Alisa served in the Peace Corps as a Micro-enterprise Consultant in a rural indigenous village in Bolivia. There she learned to weave on an oblique frame loom and advised a weaving cooperative to help them expand and create the production of high quality handwoven textiles for a larger regional and international market.   Alternatives handwoven textiles offerings include Mudcloth from Mali, Ethiopian and Turkish towels, ikat scarves from Guatemala, India, and Thailand,  towels, napkins, and runners from made by weavers around the world, unique clothing, and more.


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    I love the colors and shapes and textures! Greatly inspired! Thank you!

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    Hello Alisa! Welcome, what wonderful colors of delight you have in your photos.

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