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Aliona Carpov of Altexdesign

Aliona Carpov of Altexdesign



I come from Moldova (Eastern Europe) and am passionate about every art-related technique, especially silk dyeing, oil painting, and carpet-drawing design. I practiced these disciplines but tapestry, carpets and ceramics are the ones I enjoy the most. I have loved drawing, modeling figures and mixing elements since my childhood. At thirteen, I began to study in the School of Art. There I had learned the basics of drawing, sculpture and graphic expression.

In 1982, having finished school, I moved to Chisinau where I was hired in a great company of Jacquard carpets. I started as an apprentice designer in the creative workshop of the company. The company organized summits and exhibitions at the regional and national levels where artists could exhibit their new compositions and designs. Thus, in our workshop there were often exhibits of our graphic work, paintings, tapestries and small goblets that we made.

I decided to go back to my studies in 1985, while continuing to work. I joined the Graduate School of Architecture from which I graduated as an architect in 1991. After obtaining my degree, I continued to work in the creative business, but then as an artist and designer, designing personal carpet collections. Throughout this period, I was supported by high quality professionals from whom I learned a lot. I also diversified and could then design drawings for technical KILIM and upholstery. These experiences enriched my creative environment and my development as a designer and artist.

I moved to Morocco in 1999, where I continued to work as a designer, developing collections for toufté carpet, suitable for all styles of interiors. I have continued to research and develop modern art tapestries inspired by the traditional arts of Central Europe and modern African art, combining various techniques and various materials (wool, fabric, raffia, acrylic, silk plant, and leather) enriched by the shapes, colors and landscapes of Morocco. I have participated in several art exhibitions where I presented modern art tapestries which I designed and created on my own. I love textiles, ceramics, and work to mix different types of textures and materials, innovating and creating original and unusual things.



I work as designer and develop collections of carpets, fabrics, etc., for businesses and individuals. I also sell my tapestries and other decorative items, so please contact me for available stock or for your ideas. I would love to hear from you!

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