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Amanda Richardson Artist

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Amanda Richardson Artist - Cornwall, UK

Amanda Richardson Artist – Cornwall, UK






Cornish artist Amanda Richardson hand dyes fabrics to create textile collages of details of landscape: rocks, water and plants. A graduate of Goldsmiths’ College, London, Amanda pioneered a technique for combining fabrics such as silks, satins and velvets to form richly coloured textile collages. These dynamic artworks vary with changing light continually presenting a fresh experience to the viewer.

Widely travelled, the artist lived on San Juan Island in Washington State for ten years. Having returned to Cornwall she continues selling her work internationally both to private and corporate clients. Her art can also be seen in her working studio in the Penberth Valley near the Land’s End, surrounded by the exuberance of her garden that provides much of the inspiration for her art.

There is a gallery of textile collages for sale on Amanda’s website. She has worked to commission throughout her career and enjoys the challenge of creating just the right piece of art for the place and the person. If you are interested in buying, commissioning or exhibiting her art or have any queries, do contact her.

Technique: Amanda’s collages are formed of hand-dyed fabrics that then have a layer of heat fusible glue ironed onto the back. This holds the weave together allowing the cutting of very fine pieces and clean edges. Each collage is built up, layer upon layer, and when complete the glue is fixed with steam.

The collages are flexible and shipped rolled in a tube. Each hangs from a wooden batten that is hidden from the front. If a more formal presentation is required the batten can be detached and the artwork sewn to a fabric matt. Exceptions to the use of a wooden batten are the boulder pieces which have been sewn onto stretched linen, and the foot square collages which come in a simple white painted wooden frame.

The character of each piece changes depending on where it is hung and the changing light through the day, so it can be fun to experiment with where to hang the artwork. The dyes used in these collages are as lightfast as technology allows but, as with most artwork, they should not be hung in direct sunlight.


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    Beyond belief! Unbelievable work.

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