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Amber Kane

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Amber Kane

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My creative practice is far from the traditional weaver. When warping the loom I never count the ends, I just go until I feel that it’s time to stop. I don’t follow patterns, I allow and sometimes encourage the yarn to move as it wraps around the front beam. If a string breaks, I work it into the piece.

I create from my soul. I speak to the yarn as we weave together, striving to create the perfect connection, and when we become in sync a fabulous scarf, full of honesty, joy, and personality emerges.

For me weaving is a practice. I hope that when viewers watch me weave it looks simple, and fun. But I also want the viewer to understand that I weave with ease because of years of practice. Practice in the tradition and process of weaving, and practice in the ability to be in the moment, open, and fully exposed while creating.

I don’t believe that I can create a successful piece without being truly open and listening. Each scarf is the deepest expression of myself that I am hoping to share. And I hope that each scarf brings awareness, confidence, and joy to it’s owner.

Although it may seem like, I’m not always in the studio, I also:
– Teach high school art full time
– Have an amazing husband, who is a pretty awesome cook, and runner. Check him out here: http://solefoodie.blogspot.com/
– I enjoy yoga, riding my bike, and hiking

My Experience:

I’ve enjoyed creating since I was a small child. My grandmother taught me a lot about knitting, embroidery, and sewing.

I received my degree in Art Education from Messiah College where I concentrated in Mixed Media studies. My junior year of college I switched my focus from pottery to weaving. Once I laid my hands on the loom, I knew that I never wanted to stop.

I also have my Masters of Arts from Union Institute and University of Vermont, where I focused on creativity studies… and learned A LOT, about how the creative mind works.

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