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Amie Starchuk

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Amie Starchuk Textile Artist

Amie Starchuk






I am a Canadian textile artist who creates intricately-crafted, multi-layered fabric works of art from my private studio in Saudi Arabia.

I have always been fascinated by texture. Old architecture – with all that wonderful masonry and sculpture – especially inspires. It’s the way something feels that speaks to me, draws me in, inviting me to run my hand across a brick wall or touch the surface of a quilted quilt.

I am excited to have found a way to share my love of texture through the medium of textile. Choosing threads to work with and intricately quilting to create great texture is my favourite part of the process.



My current work is all about layering and drawing the viewer in for a closer look. Of course, always lots and lots of texture. I continue to seek for new ways to incorporate my quilting skills to create fine art that can be used to add a touch of elegance to the decor of your living space or work environment.

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