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Ananse Village

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Ananse Village african basket weaver

Ananse Village basket weaver


Contact: Rebecca Jarrett

Ananse Village operates both a retail brick and mortar business in California and a website with a shopping cart for those who live elsewhere. We work with artisans in several countries, primarily in Africa and its diaspora.

Interested in quilting and sewing? Our fabric department features an entire wall stacked high with unique hand batiked and tye dyed cloth from Africa. We have a nice selection on our website, but feel free to call if you are looking for a specific design or colors.

Our diverse selection of fair trade produced gifts are the perfect solution for a thoughtful present.



Ananse Village operates under Fair Trade guidelines where the well-being of the artisans and the environment inform the production process. See our Fair Trade page on our website for more info: www.anansevillage.com

We love hearing from our community!

Feel free to comment! Also, we merged two sites into one. Please report any broken links you find on this page here so that we can fix them.

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