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Angie Truman Feltwork

Angie Truman Feltwork
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Angie Truman - Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Angie Truman – Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom







My name is Angie Truman, and I’m a dedicated felt maker and textile artist. I use a variety of fibres, including merino wool and tussah silk to create light weight nuno felted scarves, shawls and garments. I enjoy using contrasts in my work, and have a great love of colour. I exhibit my work in a number of galleries throughout Cornwall, and opened my very first gallery in January 2018. I also love to teach, and run a number of workshop sessions each year.


I began felting in 2012. At the time I was a very obsessive knitter, and when I was offered five sheep fleeces I jumped at the chance. I processed them and combed them and then began to spin them… six months later there was still rather a lot of fleece hanging around my very small home and I needed to find a way to use it all up a little faster. I began to experiment with felting, and was instantly hooked. Desperate to learn more and unable to afford an art education, I read every book I could find on art history, illustration, fibre arts.. and am still learning. I now belong to the International Felt Makers Association, Creative South West and started up and now co-manage the Mirva Gallery Collective, a group of Cornish artists and makers who run pop up shops and workshops through south west England.



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