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Growing up on a farm in the Midwest I was surrounded by the quilts of my grandmother. Clearly they were her statement of worth and being. When I was born she made a postage stamp quilt for me which I slept under for year always finding new fabrics and designs that she had added. Although I loved sewing but I never felt that I could make a quilt.
Indeed by training, I became a lawyer and had my own company that wrote arguments for other lawyers. I realized that I frustrated the other attorneys because I had to cut and paste the documents on my living room floor. Eventually I discovered quilt making and soon thereafter moved from Boston to western Massachusetts and decided to teach myself to become a quilt maker.
I promised myself that I would only give up the law if I made quilts that felt true and sincere and that continued to challenge me. For the last thirty years I have been supporting myself as a quiltmaker. I do a number of fine craft shows–mainly up and down the East Coast–as well as accept commissions and work with galleries and designers. In addition my studio is open to the public in the charming village of Shelburne Falls. I am also active on various social media including my blog, Facebook and Twitter.



I make contemporary art quilts that use color, fabric and the traditions of quiltmaking to create abstract landscapes of the prairies of the Midwest where I grew up, the hills of western Massachusetts where I now live and vistas of my imagination. Each quilt represents a different moment in time and space. Frequently I am exploring the concept of horizons–that place of the potential where the sky and the earth seem to meet. I am constantly pushing the designs of my quilts while maintaining a distinctive style and a simple technique.


My work is in various museums and public and private collections including the American Museum of Art + Design, the People’s Place Quilt Museum and the new Federal District Court House in Springfield, MA. I also have work in The Lodge at Turning Stone in Verona, NY and Surdna Foundation in New York, NY. I have received an Award of Excellence from the American Craft Council at the Baltimore Fine Craft Show. In addition to the larger works, I also create a series of smaller pieces including eyeglass cases, placemats, table runners and purses.

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