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After many years of teaching and advising students on campuses including Stanford and the Universities of Wisconsin and California, budget cuts left me without a classroom. Finally, I could focus full time on my inherent artistic interests – dyeing and weaving yarn. Today I design and weave one-of-a-kind textiles using traditional looms, respecting and preserving an ancient form of art. I have three looms in my home studio and use only natural fibers: cotton, silk, tencel (fiber made from wood), bamboo, soy and linen. I have been teaching weaving since early 2009 and now offer two classes at the University of California, Davis. My goal is to teach as many people as possible the joys of weaving!



Why I Weave. I weave in response to the chaotic world we live in – a world of constant noise, information overload, and a lot of bad news. I weave not to create a picture but rather to express a feeling through color and structure. I hand-dye the yarn in a variety of color combinations and then choose a structure of repeating patterns, resulting in a visual rhythm that is evident in each piece. I weave because the process (some 25-30 hours for a single piece) is as important as the final product. Weaving provides discipline and allows me to practice patience and endurance – survival skills in this chaotic world.


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    Beautiful Ann! And your artist statement resonates!
    your neighbor on V St, Patricia

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    Way to go Ann! Your work is so beautiful. Good luck on this effort.
    Kim Goldsworthy

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    Beautiful web site and beautiful work – congratulations !

    Ceil and Stephen

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