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Anna Scott teaching a workshop in Bangkok. Anna lives in Australia.

Anna Scott teaching a workshop in Bangkok. Anna lives in Australia.



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Anna Scott is a Danish born hand embroidery artist, designer and tutor. She has called Australia home for a very long time and lives on a small vineyard in the beautiful hills around Adelaide in South Australia with her family.
Trained in traditional hand embroidery, she practises and teaches many types of embroidery. She is especially drawn to styles that involve colour and texture with crewel embroidery, raised embroidery and goldwork among her favourites. After many years of writing and editing for Inspirations Magazine, Anna is now following her dream to design, create, embroider, and share her love and passion for hand embroidery. She creates embroidered pictures inspired by the world around her, develops embroidery kits for her Fine Stitch Studio brand, and conducts workshops and courses both locally and around the world.


My life is in stitches, literally. I stitch when I can find time or make time – it is part of who I am. If I am not stitching, I am most likely thinking about it.
I didn’t choose to embroider – embroidery chose me. I originally embarked on a career in fashion design and construction at the Needlecraft Guild College (Håndarbejdets Fremmes Seminarium) in Copenhagen. Included in the course was one module of hand embroidery. After just one lesson, I went straight to the head office and asked to change my major to hand embroidery. I have never regretted that – not even for a second.
Once I discovered embroidery was ‘my thing’ it opened doors I never imagined possible. From working on an ecclesiastical piece designed by the Danish Queen Margrethe II and editing a leading embroidery magazine to teaching both locally and abroad, designing and developing embroidery kits and creating stitched art.
I enjoy many types of embroidery but am especially drawn to styles that involve colour, pattern and texture with crewel embroidery, raised embroidery and goldwork among my favourites. When I embroider, I enjoy watching the design take shape and come to life, and find the methodical notion of placing stitches, one at a time, incredibly calming – it cannot be rushed.
My designs and kits are largely inspired by traditional hand embroidery and decorative arts, which I then love to give a subtle contemporary twist and the results can best described as ‘traditional but not typical’.
Workshops are listed on the site and kits and patterns are available on Etsy.



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  1. |

    You are a very talented artist. keep on rocking.

  2. Nancy Hopkins

    I love your work. Better than Royal School of Needlework in my opinion. I live in the US. Do you ever teach classes here? I live near DC, but I would fly to the west coast for one of your classes.

    • |

      Nancy, I love her work, too! I would ask your question on her blog or Facebook page to make sure Anna sees it…

  3. |

    I love all your projects. I would like to take the workshop with you. Kindly advise how to join you as a member. Thank you.

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