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Annie Helmericks-Louder, Artist

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Annie Helmericks-Louder - Warrensburg, Missouri, USA

Annie Helmericks-Louder – Warrensburg, Missouri, USA




Above all, I love this earth and its creatures. Through textiles, painting and drawing I celebrate this love but also voice my concerns about the environment and work to promote the essential right and dignity of all living things. Not always serious, I also enjoy making many down-right-silly things. There are always times to laugh and play.


Artistically I delight in pattern, texture and color and have shared these passions as an academic teacher for 20 years. In the years to come, I hope to expand my teaching opportunities to include more workshops and residencies and hope to make more friends and partnerships in the wider art world.


The video to the left: During 2009, January – May, my husband, John Louder and I traveled throughout the Western United States stopping in eleven states on the five-month Sabbatical Road Trip. Traveling days were limited to less than 200 miles. We stopped and worked from direct observation recording our experiences using watercolors, oils and pastels. The journey and art works that were created on location continue to inspire studio art works. John and I had a major exhibition, Returning West, of a selection of those works, shown in the video.


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    The Forest Code: Tree Talk series profiles a body of textile work that took over 3 years to make with reference coming from on-site paintings. These textiles celebrate the natural characteristics of textiles and utilize their folding, layering, sagging, and wrinkled irregularities to deliberately mimic land’s features and describe interwoven and complex relationships.

    Available as a book! http://www.blurb.com/b/8628896-tree-talk-forest-code-series


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