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Ansie van der Walt

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Ansie van der Walt, Textile writer - Grange, Australia

Ansie van der Walt – Grange, Australia



I am a freelance writer specializing in fibre art, textiles, creative needlework and craft stories. I’m the creative mind and writer behind The Fabric Thread blog, where the focus is on meeting artists, designers, gallery owners, craft supporters, and other lovers of textile and fibre art.

My background in architecture, design, writing and creative needlework, as well as life experience from living on three different continents, helped me develop a keen eye, sympathetic ear and a way with words enabling me to turn an artist’s ideas, work or news into a great story or article.

I am a regular contributor to Inspirations Magazine, and my work have been published in magazines in Australia, the US and South Africa. I work from my home in Adelaide, South Australia.

When I’m not writing I experiment with textile art. My favourite mediums are reverse applique and crochet. Some of my work had been on display in group exhibitions in New York, Dubai, and Adelaide.


Afrikaans: mother-tongue and heart language. I have been published in Afrikaans magazines.
English: everyday language and the one I conduct most of my business and writing in.

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