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Anton Veenstra at exhibit with his button portraits.

Anton Veenstra at exhibit with his button portraits.


My parents were born in Holland and Slovenia; they came to Australia as migrants, my mother was a displaced person and I was born in a migrant camp. My upbringing was always lived in several cultures and languages. My awareness of textiles comes from my mother’s textile culture; I am also able to express narratives of migration using textiles.



My mother’s Slovenian culture was always an inspiration for me: embroidery, folk costume, woven carpets. After living with indigenous dot paintings I began to create narratives from buttons, which I call assemblies. Button work and woven tapestry are my two modes of self expression. In both, autonomy is important; colour, texture and luminosity are emphasised. During my 30 years of textile work I have been able to express my personal development, images of my family migration to Australia post World War Two, and most recently my consciousness of living on a planet with dwindling, threatened resources.
Anton Veenstra Textiles

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