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Zwia of ANY Texture, California, USA

Zwia of ANY Texture, California, USA








I’m Zwia, a textile artist based in California. I create both fine art (art quilts and wall hangings) and functional art (such as accessories, wearables, and home decor). My work combines three passions: a love for the basic elements of art, an interest in history, and a dedication to environmental sustainability.


In my work I use mostly rescued swatches of upholstery fabrics. I am drawn to their beauty, to the way they feel when touched, and also to their past. Giving them a new life is my small contribution to the wellness of our planet. Due to the nature of my materials, each of my pieces is  unique and one of a kind.


I started my artistic journey early in life, when I attended a high school for the arts. There, I was trained as a painter and sculptor. While in high school, I found myself drawn to abstract art, and became interested in artists who combined found objects in their work. My own work at the time also involved using upcycled materials. After receiving a BA in art history, however, I chose to become a historian. About a decade ago I discovered quilting and enjoyed “painting” with fabric whenever I could. It was my recent introduction to rescued upholstery fabrics, with their exciting textures and almost-three-dimensional body, that reignited my creative passion in earnest.


My current work is inspired by the fabrics themselves, by immersing in nature and traveling, and by daily life. I enjoy playing with my fabrics and discovering their possibilities as well as their limitations. I see my art as an ongoing adventure, and invite you to follow me along on Facebook and check out my shop on Etsy.

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