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Ariane Mariane

Ariane Mariane
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Ariane Mariane

Ariane Mariane




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Independent textile artiste Ariane Mariane creates “fiber art to wear” in her French atelier near Paris. She makes outstanding and eco-friendly garments and accessories of high quality.

Each item is handmade mostly by nuno felting. Only the smoothest merino wool, finest fabrics (silk, linen, and cotton) and best fibers are employed.

Her joyful line of unique and one of a kind pieces are meant to dress unique, special and individual women – women for whom fashion is an art and a statement.



“Fait de ta vie un rêve, et d’un rêve une réalité.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Make your life a dream, and this dream reality)


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    I am the 2016 Quilt and Fiber Art Festival chairperson for the LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum here in the Pacific Northwest.
    Our museum is trying to increase the presence of fiber artists entries into the show. As the show chairperson I hope that you will consider entering a piece or two in the show. You can find the call for entry on our website along with the catagories and entry guidelines.

    Julie Anderson
    2016 Quilt and Fiber Art Festival Chair

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