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Arlee Barr – FybreSpace

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Arlee Barr at SDA Reception

Arlee Barr at SDA Reception



I am a Canadian artist in Calgary, Alberta, working primarily with textiles. I’m curious, eccentric and just a little opinionated. Surrealist in thought, Fauvist at heart, eclectic, explorative and absurd, I use hand and machine techniques to illustrate idiosyncratic stories and integrate hand dyed and “found” fabrics in my work. I am learning to respectfully collect a history with stitch, incorporating meaningful text and a Slow Cloth philosophy, believing that personal expression is instinctual when you listen to yourself truthfully. I am fascinated by the workings of the human body, and the microscopic world, interpreting them in unconventional ways.


I offer on “FyberSpace the Shop” natural fabrics dyed with natural materials, sourced locally and used responsibly. My hope is that these one of a kind fabrics will inspire others to explore textile and mixed media arts with a personal and unique flavour.

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