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Art Cloth Studios with Jane Dunnewold

Jane Dunnewold

Jane Dunnewold





I got interested in dyeing and printing fabrics because every time I opened the fabric bundles it was like opening a birthday present! I have to admit it – I’m a surface design pusher. I want to get everyone hooked on the magic and thrill of dyeing cloth. The possibilities are endless! You can make clothing or pillows or an even bigger project. I’ve covered old chairs in my gorgeous dyed fabrics and they’re a knockout. Sometimes the dyed and printed fabric is just my art, and I hang it on the wall and love it.


My first book, Complex Cloth, was published by Martingale in 1996 and it’s a classic, still in print and used as a textbook around the world. Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design on Fabric was published by Interweave in 2010. It expands on what I’ve learned through working with students everywhere. My long term goals are to continue to expand my art and my heart – a simultaneous process!



I’ve got a long resume. I’ve been fortunate to achieve a lot of what I want to do with my life. But the most important thing I can share with you is my belief that I’m on the planet to touch other people through my artwork, writing and workshops. I love what I do. I think art making is a high calling and every day I try to rise to the challenge of using my gifts for good.
I’ve got books, DVDs and other educational stuff on my website, along with artwork that is one of a kind and also for sale. Check out the Gallery and Store at complexcloth.com. I sell my distinctive fabrics through spoonflower.com under the designer name JanieD. And teach a Craftsy.com class on dyeing with MX dyes!

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    It is always wonderful to see your art and read about your focus and achievements.

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