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Art Quilts by Heather Pregger

Art Quilts by Heather Pregger
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Heather Pregger - Fort Worth, Texas, USA, textile artist, art quilter

Heather Pregger – Fort Worth, Texas, USA






It all started in 1979. Brian and I received a quilt as a wedding present, a green and white “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” dating from the late 19th century. As a girl who had grown up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, in a house decorated in 60’s psychedelic, I felt strangely drawn to that quilt. I signed up for a quiltmaking class and discovered my obsession with textiles.

My background is technical, not artistic. I have a degree in Geology from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, and an MBA from the University of Texas Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas. I worked for many years in hospital marketing and public relations and in a regional blood bank. After my husband’s job moved us to Fort Worth, Texas, I decided to become a full-time quilt artist, studying with several famous quilt artists, including Nancy Crow and Lisa Call. I’ve come a long way from my traditional roots!

The art quilts I create are inspired by my love of color. Explorations of hue, tone, and value, they are journeys of discovery into the tension or harmony that can be created by the play of color across a fabric surface. I work in abstract design, which allows me the freedom to experiment with color, line, and shape in constructing geometric and free form compositions. My work is pieced and machine quilted, using both self-dyed and commercial fabrics.

Working within the framework of a selected color palette, I create my pieces in an improvisational manner. Individual blocks are arranged and layered, the design gradually developing as the changing interplay of colors and shapes leads me forward. As I work the design is always in flux – the emerging color/shape combinations constantly suggesting new directions to pursue. Once complete, machine quilting serves as the final bonding element; physically, as confirmation that the design process is complete, and visually, providing a unifying textural depth to the finished piece.

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