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Art Quilts By Sharon

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Sharon Koppel, Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Sharon Koppel, Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, USA


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I am a contemporary art quilter and my wall art quilts are abstract and innovative.  I want to share my wall art with you, which I describe as painting with fabric, and encourage you to find a wall or several  walls in your home or office for these beautiful art quilts.  The effect of fabric on walls is both soothing and dynamic.  Though art quilts are basically two dimensional, the effect of the fabric layering in a quilt and the quilt stitching, when artistically combined, is a three dimensional work of art.  I want my art quilts to make you smile and introduce you to new colors and designs every time you look at each quilt.  I also design custom art quilts which are collaborations between me and the buyers. My art quilts range from small at 12” x 12” to my largest at 40” x 60”.


Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother and mother sewing. My grandmother was an early twentieth century entrepreneur with her home sewing cottage industry. During frequent visits to her house in Ohio I would watch her create the most amazing clothes, formal wear, wedding party dresses and majorette outfits. She would give me her scraps from which I created doll clothes, decorations for doll houses, and then personal accessories like purses. I started sewing clothes as soon as I could operate a sewing machine with guidance from my mother and encouragement from by my grandmother.


Since retirement in 2010 from a career in management, I have been exploring contemporary quilting. I live in central Pennsylvania where traditional quilting reigns but I knew my creative interests were different. My passion is creating contemporary wall quilts where fabrics compliment and contrast, where designs are wonky and unusual, and where the piecing lines often aren’t straight.  My one of a kind art quilts are pieced and not appliquéd.  The quilt stitching is unique to each quilt and compliments the design and colors.  Often a quilt takes shape on my design wall where the creative process unfolds. I am self taught. I experiment with design, composition, and colors in all shades and hues but find myself gravitating to abstract landscape designs and bright colors and patterns for abstract art quilts. I don’t use patterns and very few of my designs actually have the traditional “blocks” of quilting.  Piecing and quilt stitching are improvisational.


In 2015 I was the featured artist for the Lewisburg Festival of the Arts in Lewisburg, PA.


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