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Art That Moves

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Christine Pensa of Art That Moves

Christine Pensa of Art That Moves

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After a successful career as a political assistant to both a federal and provincial cabinet minister in Canada – Christine was increasingly drawn to creative life. She took an art course and found her true passion was painting – not politics. Fifteen years ago Christine pursued studies in art and continues to find joy in painting and print making.

Figurative work is central to her art. Christine’s visual pieces are a reflection of what is germane in her life and therefore revolve around the evolution of spirituality, the practice of yoga – and especially women and their diverse manifestations of beauty. Over the years Christine added print-making to her work – creating and working with lino blocks, etchings, and silk screening allowed her to explore graphic images. I was drawn to print making because of it’s joyful graphic nature. Christine says, “Printing feels like shorthand. I love how it communicates clearly at our most primitive level.” Lately Christine has created a successful branded line of Art That Moves teatowels, totes and bread bags – on to which she hand prints her original designs.

Christine continues to work on large scale mural projects with children in the elementary school system and to teach adult courses in both linoblock printing and silkscreening.
She feels blessed to have worked extensively with children and is thankful for these opportunities to help students enhance playgrounds and drab public school hallways with the energy and joy of t heir own creativity.



Exploring the energy that happens when images and words or poems connect – Art That Moves – is one of my favourite ways to create. I start with a word or a poem and allow an image to unfold in my mind. I have always used this technique painting on canvas and working with linoblock prints. Opening my Etsy shop allowed me to expand into the fabulous world of printing on fabric. I love designing a screenprint image which I then handprint onto a plain piece of fabric. That action transforms the fabric into a piece of art. Working in my studio I might print two yards or twenty in an afternoon. Printing allows me to shut off my mind and flow. The rhythm of pouring the ink – running the squegee over the fabric again and again is meditative and satisfying. Because of the joy I felt creating new textiles I started to teach kids and then adults screenprinting technique and I love to watch them feel the same thrill I do as they transform fabric into something new.

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    Love the pillows in the top photo — pretty colors and designs!

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