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ArtNomadix MeggaYarnz

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Meggan Jack of ArtNomadix

Meggan Jack of ArtNomadix





Hi, I am Megg, always an artist, and have always been drawn to vibrant colour.

I began to work with fibre in the 80’s (painted fabrics), and, when I was taught to crochet, toward the end of that decade.

After a basic lesson in making chain looped crystal pouches, I taught myself,
thru learning other stitches, and made my first hat by accident.

Friends and customers, at my weekly market stall of Hand Painted clothes, were soon requesting me to make them a similar hat.

And so I became a Beaniologist be default……… I have since become a regular contributor at The Alice Springs Beanie Festival, in Central Australia every June, which is quite cold in our winter.

Once a travelling nomad around this country, I am now making other fibre creations, more suitable to this sub-tropical region on the east coast of Australia, just south of Brisbane, Queensland.
I would love to connect with folk in the Northern Hemisphere, where my thermal hats would be ideal.

I am spending time needle felting landscapes onto evening stoles and other wearable or useable items.

I am passionate about nature and live in a spectacular extinct volcanic caldera, where the views and weather inspire me to create.



ArtNomadix MeggaYarnz has evolved over the years, with many people recognizing my distinctive style of crochet. My wearable art hats have won awards at the BeanieFest in Central Australia. ‘Flora and Fauna’ Award 2003, ‘Spirit of the Land’ 2004, ‘Champion Element- Earth, Wind, Fire & Water’, 2011. With numerous 2nd place ‘Runner Ups’ for some quite elaborate hats. I am now moving into working with needle-felting evening stoles and bags.

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