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Atelier Iona Loyola Textiles

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Iona Loyola of Atelier Iona Loyola Textiles

Iona Loyola of Atelier Iona Loyola Textiles

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Hi, my name is Iona Loyola.

About ten years ago, after taking a Felting workshop I just felt in love with this ancient technique … and that is how Atelier Iona Loyola Textiles started.

Even though this is a very small company … it is not easy to orchestrate all by myself …My days fluctuates between buying supplies, creating, making, shooting photos, updating Etsy store online, running to the post office, cleaning the house, listening my daughter’s great stories, going to the movies with my husband, walking my Shitzu …etc, etc…

Everyday, I find inspiration from my daily walks in Central Park, and around this city I live in and love, New York City. I also pull inspiration from my childhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I used to love to watch my grandmother make beautiful garments out of crochet.

I love to work with natural fibers, creating something sustainable, fashionable … something that will make people prettier and happier.




I received my degree in Textile Design in 2000 from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), in New York City. While completing my degree, I worked as a weaver for several textile companies. However, after taking a felt-making class at my weaver’s guild, I fell in love with the art of felt-making and the rest is history. During the process of designing and producing my silk, cashmere and merino wool pieces, I try to imagine who is going to wear them and whose neck and shoulders they’ll be embracing. The best reward, however, is after it’s completed : to see the smile and happiness on my customer’s faces.

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