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Audrey Stone

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Audrey Stone - Brooklyn, New York, USA

Audrey Stone – Brooklyn, New York, USA





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I am a mixed media artist and painter living and working in Brooklyn NY.  I use line and color with paint, thread and floss to create abstract images.  I have also created a site specific installation using thread and have worked in sculpture with a wide variety of media.


Thread became and integral part of my work in the late 1990’s after my first child was born.  I needed a material that was forgiving to my hand while my studio time came in fits and starts with the demands of having a baby.  During the years when my kids were little, I used thread, floss and string, sometimes with ribbons and beads, to create ‘drawings’ and ‘paintings’, lace-like objects, and circular weaves.  Eventually the process of working this way became too slow for me as the works took months each to complete and I desired a more immediate creative outlet.


I began combining thread and drawing materials in 2007 for a series of grid based work on paper. Combining the thread with drawing materials served several purposes; practically it sped up my process while visually a game came into play as one viewed the work to decipher which line was drawn with ink or graphite and which one was sewn.  This resulted in a conversation between the materials, defining what constitutes a line as well as the category material put an object in – craft or fine art?


As the drawings progressed I became more interested in color and wanted the work to be more bold.  In 2013 I began combining painting and sewing on canvas and linen to heighten the experience of color in the work. This led me away from the grid format of the drawings and into other challenges of how to combine these materials. The use of thread in my work continues to change as it is a very flexible material. For me, using the thread is also symbolic.  I love how thread is connected to female and domestic historical narrative. Thread can mend and repair, and hold things together.  It can also knot and tangle.  Sewing into to canvas or linen heightens my awareness of the cloth I paint on and becomes another way to express my ideas about craft and material.


I received a BFA from Pratt Institute in 1986 and an MFA from Hunter College in 1993. Since 1987 I have exhibited my work widely in New York, across the US, as well as in Europe and recently in Japan.  My work is available for exhibition, commission and sale.

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