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Banner Mountain Textiles Beryl with dog, Pate.

Banner Mountain Textiles Beryl with dog, Pate.

Beryl Moody
12333 Sintek Lane

Nevada City, CA

United States

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I’m a weaver, spinner, dyer and knitter and use the natural beauty of my surroundings on Banner Mountain (my home) as inspiration for my work.  My handwoven and knitted works are all one of a kind and I often use yarns spun and dyed by me in my creations. I design  my own weaving designs with computer software and then translate that design to the loom in colors and textures that are unique to each piece I weave. Each year I take on new challenges to explore  new aspects of fiber art.  I find that this keeps me thinking in new directions and keeps my work from becoming static.


The rest of my life is full with daily nature walks, pets and my wonderful partner, Igor.


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      They are so beautiful, Beryl! I hope they get snapped up soon!

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