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Coming from an art background, I was attracted to the colors and textures of fabric. This drew me into the world of quilting. I loved every step in the process.

In time my inner artist began to emerge.I missed the complete freedom of expression and creativity that art affords.Quilting is an art form. Still it does have it’s limitations.
I found inspiration from the many quilt and fiber artists who pushed the boundries which separates art and quilting, creating a new art form.

I began to experiment as welL. Silk painting could be called the backbone of my work.That’s the starting point.After I have dyed or painted my silk, the result generally determines the direction I will go with this piece.
With the backdrop in place, I begin to build layers of color and texture,using applique, thread-painting and quilting.
I love using the tradtional teckniques of quilting in a non-tradtional way to create a contemporary art quilt.I have the best of both worlds andI’m able to satisify my need for creative expression.
It’s my goal to keep expanding my expertise in new areas, be fearless and try new things keep my work fresh. I want to be more proactive in the promotional side. I just want to make art, but I need to learn about making my art available.



Art is a way of expressing our awe of this beautiful world in which we live. Sharing art is a gift to both the artist and the reciepent.I hope to create the sort of art that touches and connects with the viewer in a meaningful way.

Barbara Harms Fiber Art

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