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Barbara Olson Fiber Artist

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I am Barbara Olson Quilt Artist, Teacher, Lecturer and Author. My journey begin in the world of traditional quilting but evolved into art quilting very quickly because I could never follow the rules. This began a 24 year career in the arena of Art Quilting.

My future plans in are to continue to create art on a daily basis, to continue my national and international teaching and lecturing. My new e-book “The Creative” is due out in early 2013.

Being effective in the world and creating opportunity for others through my art and teaching is my passion. I am inspired by woman who make a difference.



Milestones in my career are having my piece “In The Beginning” chosen as one of the best 100 american quilts of the century. Another is the book I authored “Journey of An Art Quilter” being published. I present art quilt workshops and creative development lectures.

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