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Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art

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Barbetta Lockart

Barbetta Lockart


My work is my visual response to the world around me, whether it is the political, social, natural or ethereal world. Whether I am troubled, happy, perplexed or enchanted by something I see, hear or experience, my feelings and reactions to that event will eventually find their way into my art. To me, art is communication at its most pure, whether it is in the form of dance, music, the written word, the visual arts, or some other artistic format, it is a way to be authentic, honest and real, and above all, to be heard.



As a contemporary artist with a fondness for fiber in all its many and varied forms, I create 2D and 3D fine art pieces, and fiber in some configuration or the other can usually be found in my work. Fiber speaks to me because it is so basic and because it seems to have the ability to do things artistically that other materials cannot: I appreciate its ability to be flexible both in application and appearance, implying or creating movement in one piece, yet being strong and robust in another piece. I find its chameleon-like qualities to be well suited for my work and vision.
I maintain a working studio in Sacramento, California, USA, where I create, display my work, teach classes and mentor other artists (realizing, of course, that I learn every bit as much from them as they might from me—artistic and professional growth is wonderful, as are the personal connections made). My work is available to individual art lovers, collectors and corporations, as well as to galleries that share my fascination with and appreciation of, fiber in contemporary art.

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