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Bazaar Bayar

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Abit and Catherine of Bazaar Bayar

Abit and Catherine of Bazaar Bayar

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Abit Bayar + Catherine Salter Bayar:

Textile smitten (treasure hunter + global nomad designer/writer) = a creative force for bridging cultures.


Together we combine our talents into Bazaar Bayar, a workshop in Istanbul’s Old City, to support local unsung artisans: women who still weave, knit, and crochet in the traditions of timeless Turkish handcrafts.


Our mission:

  • Saving ‘endangered’ handmade textiles,
  • Reviving + reinterpreting disappearing handcrafts,
  • Employing local women artisans,
  • Promoting cultural exchange between Turkey + our global visitors.


Share the common language of craft with us in Samatya and beyond, with classes and craft trips. Learn traditional skills, visit ancient sites and connect with the artisans of this warm, creative culture.

We love hearing from our community!

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