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Teresa Perleberg Bear Creek Felting

Teresa Perleberg Bear Creek Felting


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I was raised on a farm in North Dakota and have been around pets and livestock my entire life which led to my affection for all animals. My love for the fiber arts began when I purchased a few sheep for our family. This project led to spinning, knitting and eventually needle felting. The Romney sheep we own provide me with my favorite medium. I love the texture of the wool and how easily it blends together to make the animals come to life.


I continually look for ideas for my sculptures in the wild, in pictures and in my own pets and farm animals. I began sculpting animals out of wool in 2006. Mostly I use the wool from my own sheep and dye what I need to get different colors. I do purchase/trade wool with other fiber enthusiasts, this gives me different textures since each type of wool has characteristics all its own. I sculpt mostly realistic animals – but I’m developing more and more whimsical animals from my own imagination. The devotion of time spent on the face of the animal really brings the overall expression to my pieces of art.

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